Could ActionStep Be A Game Changer?

It’s not often that I’m impressed, but I recently came across a SaaS product that had all the usual bells and whistles, as well as something different. ActionStep has what I expect in a practice management app, but instead of focusing on features it organizes everything around goalsobjectives, and tasks. This means I can focus on doing my part while everyone else involved in that project is automatically kept informed of my progress and prompted to stay on the same page. Here’s how it works:

  1. Choose one of the templates or create your own
  2. Designate tasks, decide who should perform them
  3. Specify the conditions that will call up those tasks

ActionStep is now ready to spring into action. In addition to launching tasks when the specified condition comes to pass, the program can notify team members of each other’s progress automatically. My favorite feature is the way ActionStep coordinates the whole process by letting me make tasks mandatory or optional, then making them dependent on the completion of prior milestones.  So I define the steps to be followed stay informed of everyone’s progress, and prevent anyone from getting around the rules.

For example:

ActionStep’s document automation features let me customize standard intake forms to include the type of matter and prospect contact information.

Once I indicate that the document is finished, my paralegal is prompted automatically to call or e-mail the prospect. ActionStep even auto-generates the e-mail message.

The calendar feature pings me to attend the meeting. Once I indicate the meeting is over, ActionStep automatically bills the time and sends any notes or uploaded documents to my paralegal so she can take the next step.

So far so good. But here’s the real difference between ActionStep and existing systems:

If I indicate the meeting resulted in a hire, then ActionStep adds tasks like creation of physical and electronic files, customization and enclosure of a Retention Letter, and creation and enclosure of an e-mail to the new client.

If I indicate that the meeting did not result in a hiring decision, ActionStep can prompt me to follow up in time or send out a “No Hire” letter.

The system is competitively priced on a subscription basis and you can click here for a free 30 day trial.

P.S. If you try it out, post your impressions in the comments , share them by e-mail, ping me on Twitter, or post on my Facebook wall. I’d like to know what you think. Cheers.