IgniteLaw 2012 Agenda and Speakers

If you plan to attend the 2012 ABA Technology Show (a/k/a TechShow 2012) March 29-31 then you owe it to yourself to attend IgniteLaw! on Wednesday March 27 – the night before the Big Show.  As I pointed out last year Ignite, the TED of legal thought, is the brainchild of Matt Homann of the [non] billable hour and is sponsored by InsideLegalThis year’s speakers represent a veritable Who’s Who of legal heavy hitters. Take a look at the roster below, read through their submissions, grab a drink, and get your ass down to IngiteLaw.

  1. Mark Britton:  Back to the Future
  2. Richard Granat  Legal Industry Startups: An Overview
  3. Roe Frazer:  Being a Web 2.0 Lawyer in the “Thank You Economy”
  4. Will Hornsby:  Ignite This! Five Ethics Rules That Should Be Incinerated
  5. Ruth Carter:  Flash Mob Law
  6. Jason E. Dyer:  Where Canasta and Counsel Collide
  7. Eric Hunter:  Moving Towards 100% Web
  8. Jay Shepherd:  One Word That Will Reinvent How You Serve Clients
  9. Rachel Rodgers:  Down with the Law Firm Template!
  10. Matt Spiegel:  Don’t Just Communicate …
  11. James F. Ring:  Ending Cheap Talk in Legal Bargaining
  12. Steve Best:  Passion