Justice Bid Makes Vendors Compete for Your Business

Justice Bid is a new marketplace website that caters to law firms, corporate legal departments, and government agencies. It puts a new and well-organized face on some time-tested practices by making vendors compete for Attorney business. The site launched May 15 with the aim of bringing buyers and sellers together. In other words, for a change Justice Bid makes vendors compete for projects based on several categories.  It’s about time someone had to compete for our business!

There is no charge to post a request for proposal (RFP) or for prospective vendors/service providers to respond. Once an RFP is posted providers reply with closed bids.  The inquiring lawyer or firm can then compare apples-to-apples as it were: profiles, reviews, ratings, qualifications, and of course prices are all displayed so the poster can pick the right proposal So how does the site make money? Simple, really.  The successful bidder pays a commission based on the fees it is about to generate.

Okay, but is it safe? Justice Bid ensures marketplace integrity and preserves the competitive environment by utilizing the classic blind Dutch-auction technique. Best of all (if ask me) the site is beautiful and bug-free.

Sign up for a free account and begin finding low-cost providers for everything from court reporters to document destruction to office supplies. For more information, check out this video explaining how the site works.