Reserach Hack: PushLegal

Since HTML made it possible to read something, leap to its source, then seamlessly jump back, legal research hasn’t been the same. Today lawyers take it for granted that without leaving their desks they can opt for immediate access to research materials: whether on a proprietary database or on the Internet (i.e. Google Scholar). So it’s ironic that once a lawyer leaves their desk and ventures out into the world their ability to stay informed is often drastically reduced.  These situations call for mobile access; and delivering it has been the Holy Grail of research providers for the last 10 years.
Enter PushLegal: statutes, codes, and cases delivered through iOS and Android Apps. The service was created by and for lawyers; it permits users to subscribe to a few select publications (i.e. Texas Statutes) or the entire library.  Whatever the choice, users get fast, searchable access to codes and cases without the frustrating clutter and slow reaction times endemic to products from the Axis of Evil (Lexis, Westlaw).

PushLegal has secured the endorsement of the NACDL and is recommended by a number of “super lawyers” including Dan Cogdell, Brian Wice and Katherine Scardino.

Shortly the company plans to launch an update to its Apps that includes  30-day free trial of the entire library. Alex Torry, Co-Founder and COO of PushLegal, tells me access is free for law students as well.

One caveat however: the system is still growing so you may not find everything you want. But if you ask me, it is worth waiting for even if your State isn’t covered just yet. Just keep your eyes open.