Rocket Matter Releases “Spock” E-mail Integration

Rocket Matter Releases “Spock” E-mail Integration

Rocket Matter just released its “Spock” e-mail integration feature, which permitting users to associate e-mail folders with matters then see a list of relevant messages upon opening that matter. They can then search both the e-mail messages and the attachments…

Law Firms ... There's an App for That

Law Firms … There’s an App for That

Digomé, the digital marketing and design firm founded by lawyer/entrepreneur Roe Frazer, showed me the Barrister App at this year’s ABA TECHSHOW. According to Roe the app levels the mobile playing field by permitting firms and practitioners to brand themselves on the iPhone, iPad,…

Getting the Most Out of a Virtual Receptionist

Today’s post deals with productivity but doubles as a marketing hack. Missing calls is a virtually inevitable way of losing opportunities and goodwill. But it’s not enough to use voice mail or an answering service to plug the leak. In…

TechShow Photos: the Aftershock

TechShow Photos: the Aftershock

IgniteLaw 2012 - the Album

IgniteLaw 2012 – the Album

IgniteLaw 2012 Slide Show Hat Tip to InsideLegal’s JoAnna Forshee and Jobst Elster, as well as Matt Homan of LexThink.1  

The Calm Before the Tech Show…

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