Law Firms ... There's an App for That

Law Firms … There’s an App for That

Digomé, the digital marketing and design firm founded by lawyer/entrepreneur Roe Frazer, showed me the Barrister App at this year’s ABA TECHSHOW. According to Roe the app levels the mobile playing field by permitting firms and practitioners to brand themselves on the iPhone, iPad,…

Here's to the crazy ones ...

RIP Steve Jobs 1955-2011

Things Used to Be Better

via Finally. Someone says what everyone over 40 has been thinking. Posted via email from practice (redux)

Did you hear? Apple released a new product!

via This is where I would normally shoot down the product identified in the title of this post, but I have a confession to make: when it comes to the iPad 2 I’m one of the pod people …..

Goodbye, MacBook Pro. New Air Is That Good.

Find the information posted here on  CrunchBase regarding the new Macbook Air. This excerpt is from the piece by TechCrunch contributor MG Siegler. Last Wednesday, I got my hands on one of the new MacBook Airs. I haven’t touched my MacBook…

Adobe Brings Ad to A Gun Fight – Ends Up On Its Back

via Adobe, no one seems to want to say this to you, but I will. Stop it, you’re embarrassing yourself. You’ve just spent God-knows how much money on an ad buy that blankets much of the technology press (including…

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