Law Firms ... There's an App for That

Law Firms … There’s an App for That

Digomé, the digital marketing and design firm founded by lawyer/entrepreneur Roe Frazer, showed me the Barrister App at this year’s ABA TECHSHOW. According to Roe the app levels the mobile playing field by permitting firms and practitioners to brand themselves on the iPhone, iPad,…

It's About F$@!#ng Time

It’s About F$@!#ng Time

  It’s about damned time! Gartner recently published this report to make the case that a number of “mega” factors are converging and will make it possible for ordinary people to have their own “cloud” of information in a few…

open-source replacements for your financial software

50 Open Source Replacements for Popular Financial Software By Cynthia Harvey for (July 20, 2010)   One trend worth noting — a huge number of the open source tools on this list, particularly the business applications, are now available…

Attack of the Local Q&A Sites

Attack of the Local Q&A Sites

Bet you don’t know which pizza place in Des Moines has the best deep-dish. Bet you didn’t know you wanted to know, either. Well you do. And these sites are going to tell you where to get it. So ask yourself. Were you…

Pacific Drive Skate Shop (Ceiling)

Taken at the Pacific Drive Skate Shop in Pacific Beach, California (right by the UCSD campus) … dude.   Posted via email from practice (redux)  

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