IgniteLaw 2012 - the Album

IgniteLaw 2012 – the Album

IgniteLaw 2012 Slide Show Hat Tip to InsideLegal’s JoAnna Forshee and Jobst Elster, as well as Matt Homan of LexThink.1  

Opzi … it’s Quorariffic!

You’ve heard about Q&A phenom Quora, right?  Well meet Opzi, the site started by Attorney Euwyn Poon that aims to bottle that Quora lightning and put in on your desktop. Opzi is part bulletin board, part wiki, part e-mail in-box,…

Google AppEngine for Business

This weekend I revisited the Google AppEngine – a project that has kicked around Google for some time but was heretofore confined to the company’s developer sandbox. But now Google has brought the AppEngine front and center, aiming it squarely at…

iFixit – welcome to the era of DIY repairs

I would put iFixit right up there with Fancy Hands (see prior post) as a platform for showing off the possibilities of crowd-sourcing. It demonstrates what people can do when the Web creates a frictionless environment for cooperation: namely, prices…

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