Legal Hiring Falls To 18 Year Low: We Need More Law Schools!

It’s official. The number and quality of legal jobs has declined and will not return. Just listen to what the National Association of Legal Placement (NALP) says about it. P.S. Would You Like Fries With That?

Take a Bow Jobst (and Roe)

Photograph by Della Partovi Posted via email from practice (redux)

What it really means to be a new grad

There isn’t much about this infographic we didn’t know. After all, law school is becoming more expensive and riskier all the time. But as long as the number of applicants to law school continues to increase, young people continue to be gullible, school…

Open Plea to Legal Marketers … little help?

Being the Practicehacker doesn’t mean I know everything. Take law firm marketing for instance.   In real life I run a 3-lawyer suburban Chicago practice engaged in what I call “Small Business” law; i.e. we do pretty much everything a…

What do you call 100 unemployed lawyers?

A good start! But seriously: according to this piece in the Wall Street Journal new law grads continue to enter the workforce faster than Starbucks can hire them. To quote the article: According to jobs site… the hardest-to-place industry [is the] the…

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