Legal Hiring Falls To 18 Year Low: We Need More Law Schools!

It’s official. The number and quality of legal jobs has declined and will not return. Just listen to what the National Association of Legal Placement (NALP) says about it. P.S. Would You Like Fries With That?

Productivity Hack: Wappwolf

So, what is Wappwolf, and why the weird name? It’s like IfTTT for DropBox. What’s IfTTT? Check it out here. What’s DropBox? You already know that, but you can also download your own here. In short, Wappwolf automates routine activities…

IgniteLaw 2012 - the Album

IgniteLaw 2012 – the Album

IgniteLaw 2012 Slide Show Hat Tip to InsideLegal’s JoAnna Forshee and Jobst Elster, as well as Matt Homan of LexThink.1  

3.. 2.. 1.. TechShow!

3.. 2.. 1.. TechShow!

I’ve been in virtual stealth mode since last year’s ABA TechShow, but it’s time to take the wraps off and get jiggy with legal technology again. So I spent yesterday in pre-show meetings with vendors, fellow attendees, speakers, and the…

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